NEW -The Geeky Preacher-man Diet – E-book FREE this weekend only!

Hello my friends,

For those of you who follow me, you may have seen my weight loss progression through last year as I posted on Facebook and Twitter during my diet.  I am still in the process of watching my weight, and I realize it is going to be a lifetime thing from now on.  I had several friends who asked me how I had been able to lose the weight through social media and when they saw me in person as well.  I really wanted to help people who “like me” struggle constantly with their weight, so I have written a new E-book called

Cole Cover

The Geeky Preacher-man Diet (How I lost 62 lbs. in 82 Days)

As I just published this title this weekend I am offering it to all my followers and readers of my blog for FREE!  All you need is a computer and you can be reading it within a few minutes.  Please have a look at it and I would greatly appreciate you leaving some positive feedback on as this will be a great boost to my writing endeavors.

And as an extra added incentive you can also get a FREE copy of my Devotions book this weekend!  Connections to the Vine is a year-long daily devotional of scripture reflection and includes a plan to help you read through the Bible in a year!


Connections to the Vine

Also, another favor I would ask is for you to share this book with your friends and family.  It may help them to make a positive change in their own life and if so I bet they will be forever grateful, and I know that I will be to.  You can share this post, or share from each books individual page on twitter, e-mail, or Facebook.

I really appreciate all of your support!

Have a Blessed Day!




One comment on “NEW -The Geeky Preacher-man Diet – E-book FREE this weekend only!

  1. I forgot to mention that if you get either of these e-books I would also be glad to do a personalized signature for you – follow this url

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