Lent? I don’t remember getting Loaned…

How is your Lent Season going so far?  Have you maybe slipped a little bit?  We were talking yesterday during Bible study about how easy it is to do that.  I have to admit that I too have slipped up on some of the things I wanted to do for lent.  Just before Ash Wednesday I felt led to start a fast.  I thought, “Hey, maybe I can go through all of lent, just like Jesus did in the wilderness!”  How great would that be!?!  How arrogant I was!  It didn’t last long.  About 36.857 hours (or somewhere around there) was as long as I was able to make it before the smell of supper cooking made me eat like a horse!  See how I did that?  I blamed it on something else “the smell of supper” rather than on myself.  Really I was just weak and gave into temptation.  But alas, I have settled into a little more reasonable goal of just eating less, avoiding deserts and working on those other things that I mentioned during the Ash Wednesday service.  

Listen, if you decided to give up something for Lent and you’ve slipped up and given in, or forgot and mistakenly partook of whatever it is, I am giving you permission to forgive yourself.  Not that you need my permission, but I want you to know that it is okay.  Part of the lessons we have during Lent is that we are all sinners.  Recognizing that sin is really what it’s about.  Jesus died on the cross so that your sins could be forgiven, so allow that to comfort you now.  It’s alright to feel a little bit bad about not living up to your own expectations, and it will be alright if you shed a tear or two.  Go ahead.  Let it out.  – Now, do you feel better?  Good.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on the path.  If you need to readjust your goals, do it, if you need to pick up where you left off, then do that.  Let us all continue together, imperfect as we are as we remember the path that Jesus took for us to Calvary.

May God Bless you in every way!
Pastor Michael.


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