My Enemies Make Me Glad (Day 9)

The scripture for today’s 21 Day Challenge is Philippians 1:12-26

Scripture: What do I think about this? Just this: since Christ is proclaimed in every possible way, whether from dishonest or true motives, I’m glad and I’ll continue to be glad.

Observation: Whatever we go through is worth it if Christ is glorified.

Application: There are times that I have to admit to having a little bit of Martyr Syndrome. I am quick to find where I am being persecuted or unfairly judged by others and use that as a point of soliciting sympathy from others. I am not saying that Paul is guilty of this in our scripture this morning, but it is just how I see these words relating to my own life. Paul’s motives are impeccable, he says it does not matter if those who are preaching Christ are doing it out of good motives or out of selfish motives, it does not matter if they are for Paul or if they are against Paul, what matters is that Christ is being preached and he is glad for that. Further he says, from his prison cell, that it is unimportant as to whether he is released or he is executed. He personally would be glad to be able to go home to be with Christ in heaven, but he would also be glad to be released and continue his work for others.

That is the kind of attitude we need to have when we think of the things that we go through in life. If we feel that we are being persecuted or unfairly treated, we can use those things to serve God and witness of his forgiving grace and compassion for those who are suffering. If we are lifted up, if we are praised, we can use those things to witness of God and point to his Spirit that works within us. Paul says in v21 “Because for me, living serves Christ and dying is even better.” What a witness that is. We should adopt this frame of mind so that no matter what we do, it is all about Christ.

Prayer: Lord,

Help me to see that no matter what I think I’m going through in my life that it can be a way of serving you and glorifying Christ.

Love Michael

Yield: It’s not about me, it’s not about the things I’m going through, it’s about serving God.


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