Dog spelled backwards is God

Gen 1:24 God said, “Let the earth produce every kind of living thing: livestock, crawling things, and wildlife.” And that’s what happened.25 God made every kind of wildlife, every kind of livestock, and every kind of creature that crawls on the ground. God saw how good it was.

God made it all, every animal we come in contact with.  And when he made them, he saw that the were good.  It’s important for us to recognize that.  It’s easy to take our frustrations out on that stray dog or cat that keeps coming up in our driveway and overturning the trash cans.  Throw a rock at it!  Shoo!  Get out of here you *&@#!!  I don’t think that’s how God would want us to act.

One of my oldest friends MB and I were riding around out in the country one day many years ago, he was driving. We were on an old gravel road and he saw a dog walking toward us.  He stopped the truck and called the dog over – gently petted him and then we drove on.  I guess I was looking at him kind of funny when we took off again and he said “I think Jesus would have stopped to pet dogs.”  That has stuck with me for all these years and I totally agree, Jesus would have petted dogs.

A few months ago we had a dog that was hanging around out at the parsonage.  Already having two dogs we certainly did not want another one.  But we noticed over the course of a week or more that this dog wasn’t going anywhere.  Also she was very thin, and very very skiddish.  My wife took a bowl of food outside for her and she ate like there was no tomorrow.  We talked for the next day or two about how we could help this dog and we decided to try to foster her until we could find a home.  So we took her into the family pack and started a Facebook campaign to find a home for her. If you are my friend on FB you may remember the picture.

  We also named her Roxy – she is a really beautiful dog.  Well anyway, to make a long story shorter – as you might imagine we ended up keeping her after having no success at finding an adoptive home for her.  She is about five years old according to the Vet and we think she may have been a stray for most of her life.  We often muse over what all this dog might have been through to make her so scared of people.  But at the same time she really loves attention – even though she is still as nervous as cat on a hot tin roof!

Today as I woke up and got ready for Church Roxy came into me – tail between her legs, looking up at me wanting some attention.  As I was rubbing her head I had to thank God for the opportunity that my family has been given to show kindness to this animal who is one of his good creations.  Last week I said something to my wife about trying to find someone to take her and we ended up just saying.  She’s home.  We don’t know what she’s been through, but at least we can make a difference in the time she has from here on out.

We really ought to think of everyone and everything in that way.  Lets not worry about past – it’s gone.  Lets not dwell on what has happened back when – lets instead move forward and make each others future a little brighter when we can.

Where do you see God today?  Where is He giving you an opportunity to show love and compassion for one of his good creations?


What’s happening?

It’s been far too long since I made a post.  I hope to get back to this blog soon though.  I am in the possess of transition this year to a new appointment near my hometown.  I have been looking at the blog a lot lately though, I’ve put up a new template which I hope everyone likes and today I made a word cloud from the blog – I was happily pleased to see God and People were the most used and largest words.

God is good to us People!  🙂