Happily Persecuted

1:Tim 4:10  This is why we work hard and continue to struggle,[d] for our hope is in the living God, who is the Savior of all people and particularly of all believers.

As a Christian we are called to be different and to stand out from the normal way of seeing and reacting to the situations we face in life.  A Christian can be happy during hard times and persecution because they know that they are being prepared for a much greater place.  The Christian realizes that this world is not their home, but rather a training ground to prepare us for heaven.  Persecution, suffering, trials and tribulations are to the Christian what “growing pains” are to the adolescent youth.  If we don’t go through the struggles, we can not develop into the spiritual being that God wants us to be.  Without pain there is no growth, without suffering there is no glory, without struggle there can be no victory, if there is no persecution there is no reward. 

Christ never promised us an easy life here.  He promised us that our life here would be abundant with struggle and temptation.  Every day we are given opportunity to grow, situations that we face can either be building blocks or stumbling blocks as we pave the road to our home in glory.  May we embrace each day as a challenge to find the path that God desires our feet to follow.



Help me to see the difficult times as preparation for a greater day.  Help me to embrace those that are hard to reach as a challenge which I must overcome with love and compassion.  Show me the true path that I am to follow in all adversities that I find in my life and guide me into your everlasting home.

Love Michael


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