What If

Scripture: Psalm 124

A song of ascents. Of David.

1 If the LORD had not been on our side—
       let Israel say—

2 if the LORD had not been on our side
       when people attacked us,

3 they would have swallowed us alive
       when their anger flared against us;

4 the flood would have engulfed us,
       the torrent would have swept over us,

5 the raging waters
       would have swept us away.

6 Praise be to the LORD,
       who has not let us be torn by their teeth.

7 We have escaped like a bird
       from the fowler’s snare;
       the snare has been broken,
       and we have escaped.

8 Our help is in the name of the LORD,
       the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalms 124; 2 Corinthians 11,12,13 – Passage Lookup – Today’s New International Version – BibleGateway.com

Observation: Without God’s intervening grace and mercy, the world would have destroyed itself long ago.

Application: I used to read a comic book series called "What If."


It was a really neat series, and the storyline was often weird and very much off the beaten path when it came to how you knew things were supposed to be.  It was just my kind of thing!

I am reminded of this as I read this Psalm today.  And I can’t help but to think that Marvel would have made a great comic with this title – although the subject is quite serious.  The title would be "What if God Didn’t Watch Over Us?"  It would be a very surreal world, one that I don’t think any of us would enjoy living in. 

As David talks about what could have been if God had not been at Israel’s side he sees nothing but desolation and destruction.  Even though Israel had by no means had an easy life as a nation, without God’s protection and providence, it could have, and would have been much worse.

What about your life?  Personally I can say that without God being present and watching over me, there would have been countless catastrophes and I would not be alive even at this moment.  I am convinced that He has snatched me away from destruction time and time again.  I bet you can look back on certain events in your life and say the same.

So as I go about my day today – I join happily with David in saying…

6 Praise be to the LORD,
       who has not let us be torn by their teeth.

Prayer: Father who watches over us,

Thank you for keeping us safe when we could have fallen, thank you for protecting us from the evil one, and thank you for all that you continually do for us even without us understanding, knowing, or recognizing it.  Make us ever mindful of your steadying hand which guides us, and your mercy which sustains us.

Love Michael


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