God Working Behind The Scenes

Scripture: Esther 4:

14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

Esther 3,4,5,6,7,8; Luke 18 – Passage Lookup – Today’s New International Version – BibleGateway.com

Observation: Even though you may not see God in your current circumstances, He is there, He is aware, and He is in control.

Application:  The book of Esther is a very interesting one.  In Esther, God is never mentioned, there are no great teachings of doctrine or law, and there are no high moral revelations.  In this book we see God working behind the scenes in order to bring his people into safety.  What happens is Esther turns things around for the Jewish people who otherwise might have been destroyed by the King of Persia. 

I think the verse above is the key verse in the whole book.  "Who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"  It was God that brought Esther into the position of power within the royal house so that she could do what she did and because of her actions the royal bloodline from David to Jesus was preserved and prophecy fulfilled.

So what lesson can we get today?  I don’t know what circumstances you may be facing, I don’t know what mountains you may have before you to climb, and I don’t know what struggles you may be trying to overcome, but I know that no matter what it is, God is aware of it and actively working through it to bring you and others into a place of strengthened relationship with Him.

Whatever it is – Maybe it is for a time such as this that you were brought here.  Look for God and ask for His wisdom.

Prayer: Father of all situations and controller of all things.

Please help me to see you even in those places and times when your name is not mentioned and you are not on the tips of the tongues around me.  Help me to see you in the sunrises and in the sunsets, help me to experience You in all the encounters I have and help me to know your direction and guidance when you give it.

Love Michael


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