Sowing With Tears

Scripture: Psalms 126:

5 Those who sow with tears
       will reap with songs of joy.

6 Those who go out weeping,
       carrying seed to sow,
       will return with songs of joy,
       carrying sheaves with them.

Zechariah 10,11,12; Psalms 126; Luke 14 – Passage Lookup – Today’s New International Version –

Observation: What God calls us to is not an easy road, the work is difficult and often painful and the harvest (the results of our work) is not for this life but the life to come.

Application: The image I get when I read these words is of one who is tired and beaten down by the world, but still continues to do what God has called them to do.  It is often difficult to complete the tasks that you feel God has called you to do.  You may have to set your pride to one side, you may have to lay down your social position, you may have to hang up your seat of authority and respect in order to finish the job and as you spread out the seeds, they may be watered by your tears.  But the good news is in the final words, because though you’ve fought through the tears, in the end, God will renew your strength and you will reap the rewards in joy, happiness and victory.

Prayer: God of all of us,

Grant me the strength to finish the work you have set my hands to.  Help me to fight through the difficult times and continue to sow the seeds.

Love Michael


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