In Search Of Light

Scripture: Daniel 2:

20 … "Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever;
       wisdom and power are his.

21 He changes times and seasons;
       he deposes kings and raises up others.
       He gives wisdom to the wise
       and knowledge to the discerning.

22 He reveals deep and hidden things;
       he knows what lies in darkness,
       and light dwells with him.

Daniel 1,2; Revelation 16 – Passage Lookup – Today’s New International Version –

Observation: It is good to search for wisdom and knowledge.

Application: Wisdom and knowledge are often related in the scriptures to light.  Light dwells with God and comes from God.  John said that Jesus was the light of the world, he brought knowledge and wisdom concerning God to people who were wandering in darkness, but those who had been so long lost in the darkness rejected the light.

Have you ever been sleeping in a dark room and someone comes in and turns a bright light on right by you?  When the light comes rushing in so fast, at first its hard to deal with, we shield our eyes and turn away from it because it’s painful. 

Maybe you’ve heard the term "Blind Faith" before, that is the kind of faith that we have when we don’t seek out true knowledge and wisdom from God, the kind that can only come from His Spirit within us.  Blind Faith is simply accepting what we are told without verifying it through meditative reflection and study on our own.

The truth that God reveals to me, may not be the same truth that He reveals to you, and this is often a mystery for us, and a source of contention between believers who are to love one another.  We want to see the world as nailed down, black and white, right and wrong, exact and predictable.  But the scientific method doesn’t always work in the spiritual realms.  If you are truly searching for light, don’t be surprised when you find it if it stings a little.  Give yourself time, pray, ask God for strength and insight and allow the truth to strengthen your faith.  Sometimes old things must be broken before new things can be built.

Prayer: God of Light,

Grant me the ability to look to you and accept the truth that Your Spirit reveals.  Let not my pride nor my vanity keep me from the search to know more of You.  Lead me into a closer walk with you.  Forgive me when I go astray and lead me back to the path you have set before me.

Love Michael


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