Victory In Testimony

 Scripture: Revelation 12

11 They triumphed over him
       by the blood of the Lamb
       and by the word of their testimony;
       they did not love their lives so much
       as to shrink from death.

2 Kings 25; 2 Chronicles 36; Jeremiah 40,41; Revelation 12 – Passage Lookup – Today’s New International Version –

Observation: The enemy of the people of God is conquered by our testimony, and our testimony is this; we are covered, we are washed, and we are protected in the blood of the lamb.

Application:   Too often our testimony is a story that goes untold.  We should share it whenever we have the chance, and we should strive to make those chances come around.  How reluctant we are to share, even when asked to do so.  The apostles were not so, you couldn’t shut them up!  They were all martyred and John was exiled to Patmos why?  Because of their testimony, because of the word of God that continually flowed from them, and even though it was often not received well, it was powerful and overcame the enemy.

I wish I was more bold with my testimony.  I wish we all were.  If we truly realize what a wonderful message the gospel is, and how desperately it is needed in the world, we would be shouting from every street corner.  We are constantly thinking about the great war against evil, and yet we fail to use our greatest weapon.

They triumphed over him
       by the blood of the Lamb
       and by the word of their testimony;

Prayer:  God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Grant me boldness to share my testimony and proclaim the power of the blood of Christ to any who you put in my path.  Help me to walk the true walk of a Christian and live my life as a constant service to you.

Love Michael


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