Should We Fear God?

Scripture:  Psalms 111:

10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
       all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
       To him belongs eternal praise.

Ezekiel 20,21; Psalms 111; Revelation 8 – Passage Lookup – Today’s New International Version –

Observation:  A fear of the LORD is something that most of our society lacks.

Application: I am not a big hellfire and damnation kind of preacher.  I would rather teach of Gods love and forgiveness and His mercy and grace, than his judgment and wrath, or his fury and indignation.  This scripture speaks to me today because I am reminded that God is not only Love and grace, but also just and righteous and that He will allow us to separate ourselves from Him through our own unworthiness and rebellion.

If I am honest about it – a fear of the Lord was the beginning of my understanding of Him.  Before I feared Him, I had little interest in His ways.  It wasn’t until I really thought about the reality of eternity and the consequences of being cast aside by God that I sought out the salvation that my soul needed.  Perhaps we should remember this when we have people in our lives who need Jesus.  It would make us more effective witnesses of the Gospel and give us an urgency to say those things that God is laying on our hearts.  We have only a little time here on this earth, and there is no guarantee of tomorrow for any of us.

I have heard many people say that the fear of the Lord that is spoken of in the Old Testament is not a fear like we would have for a terrorist or a murderer but more of a reverent fear.  I agree, but nonetheless it is fear.  As a child fears a parent because they know that if they disobey the parent will punish them, it is a reverent fear.  Even though the child has that reverent fear, they still love the parent, and the parent loves the child. (Oh, that this was the case in all parent/child relationships, I know that it’s often distorted and unhealthy)

I could talk a lot about the parent/child relationship and how it carries over into the relationship we have with God, and how our modern society has played a large role in the lack of respect that we find in both.  But I’ll end by saying, a little bit of tough love goes a long way – too much is indeed a crime – but a loving parent knows when their child should be corrected and does so with firm, yet compassionate hands. 

Prayer:  Father God,

Thank you for being a loving but firm Father.  Help me to hearken to your direction and give me the wisdom to see it.  Keep that reverent fear for you alive in me for all the days of my life so that I never feel I am beyond your grasp.

Love Michael


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