The Silence Of God

Scripture: Psalms 74:

9 We are given no signs from God;
       no prophets are left,
       and none of us knows how long this will be. – Passage Lookup: Jeremiah 33,34; Psalms 74; 1 John 5

Observation:  Sometimes we just want God to tell us plainly what we should do but we hear no voice, we see no vision, we can determine no signs.

Application:  One of the things I believe that led me into the ministry is a prayer that I’ve often offered which is simply “Lord I’ll do my best to go where you lead, and do what you tell me.”  And for most of my life I think I’ve done my best to do just that.  I have been blessed so much because of just a willingness to listen and obey what God is placing in my heart.  There are times though, when I am so unsure of what God is doing, where He is leading, what He expects from me and I just want something clear to be shown, but I guess it’s all part of the journey, sometimes God is leading, and at other times He guides.

He told Abraham when he was ninety-nine years old to walk before Him and be perfect.  Gen 17:1 Abraham had many years of being led by God, but now God says – Walk before me – get up in front, I’ve been leading you, now I’m going to guide you for a while.  It’s a big change from being led in specific directions through the still small voice inside to being given the reins in a sense and God guiding you in a different manner.  It’s like riding a horse down the same path every day for a long time, and then after a while, you don’t even have to pull on him much to get him to make the turns you want, because he has learned the way.  We are the horse by the way – great analogy huh?  :) 

Perhaps it’s a spiritual growth that we all need and God desires to bring us to a place where even though we may not experience his influence as we once did, we know the way to go and we know what we should do to get there.  I think its a matter of faith in God – knowing that if we make a wrong turn, He is still there to guide us back to the right path and correct our mistakes. 

Prayer: Father who guides us all,

Please help me to make the right moves and turns to get to where you want me to be.  Forgive me when I make the wrong choices and correct my mistakes as you see fit.  Lord I’ll always do my best to go where you lead and do what you tell me.  Give me the strength and courage to do it.

Love Michael


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