God Is There In The Morning

 Scripture: Isaiah 25:

1 LORD, you are my God;
       I will exalt you and praise your name,
       for in perfect faithfulness
       you have done wonderful things,
       things planned long ago.

Observation:  We should praise God for all the wonderful things He has blessed us with every day.

Application:  Last night the weather was severe, there was lightning and thunder, heavy rain and some hail.  But this morning as the sun is coming up, the birds are singing and there is a freshness in the air that shouts of God’s presence.  I am reminded that no matter what struggles we go through God’s strength is available to us.  I am reminded that no matter how bad I’ve messed up, His mercy is as fresh as the dew.  I can choose now to focus on the storms and rains of last night, or I can embrace the new day and welcome the morning.

And I know that God is there during the storms just as He is in the peace of gentle dawn.  When the rains come, I should not forget that He is with me then as He is now.  No matter where I go, or what I do God is by my side and I am in awe that the creator of the universe loves me so much that he promised to be with me always, even to the end of the world.

Prayer: Lord God,

I praise you with all that I am.  I worship you with my words, my thoughts, my life.  Help me to serve you and remember you at all times, during the dark nights as well as the bright mornings.

Love Michael


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