It All Comes Back To Faith

Scripture: Hebrews 11:

1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for.

Observation: We have nothing if we don’t have faith.

Application:  I once had a conversation with an atheist friend about our lives after physical death.  I had said to him that I didn’t think I would be a very happy person if I didn’t believe that there was life beyond this.  I would be afraid of death, and I would feel that nothing mattered if I wasn’t able to look beyond this physical realm to a spiritual life beyond. 

He asked me why I felt that there was a life beyond this one and I told him that the Bible teaches that there is.  He then asked why I believed that the Bible was true.  I said “Because God inspired people to write about spiritual truths so we could understand better.”  “How do you know there is a God?” he asked.  I told him, “Because I can feel His presence in my heart, I’ve experienced His Spirit.”  He continued, “How do you know that’s not just your own mind trying to help you deal with death and giving you that good feeling as a coping mechanism?”  “It’s not my mind,” I told him, “It’s God!”  “How do you know?” he asked. 

That last question brought us both to the point that we were trying to reach with each other.  I told my friend, “It’s a faith I have in God, it’s a knowing, a belief, its a hope in my heart and a trust that the hope will be fulfilled.”  He told me, “That’s my problem with God and religion and life after death, it all comes back to faith, and faith doesn’t prove anything.  If You take away faith, there is nothing left in the Church.”

The major problem with that line of thinking is that faith does prove things.  Our faith can make things happen, it can bring things into existence, it can restore broken things, and tear down negative things in our lives.  Faith makes a difference in the real world.  Jesus told the woman with the issue of blood that her faith had made her whole.  When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water and asked if he could come out and meet Him, Jesus said “come” and Peter stepped out of the boat onto FAITH. It wasn’t water that Peter walked on, if it had been water he would have sank, it was faith that held him up, and when his faith wavered because of the wind and waves, the water could not hold him.  Your faith can move the proverbial mountains that block your progress, it can heal your body and your soul, it can bring you into a true relationship with The Heavenly Father.

This chapter of Hebrews tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God.  God is calling you to a saving faith in Him and in the work that He did for us on the cross at Calvary through Jesus Christ His Son.

My friend was right about one thing.  Without faith, the Church (the body of all believers) has nothing.  Faith is the foundation stone that can not be left out of our spiritual building.  Faith is what holds everything together, and without faith we have nothing. 

Prayer:  Heavenly Father,

I believe!  Help my unbelief.  Strengthen my faith in you and in the life of fellowship with you that awaits after this one.

Love Michael

Yield: I surrender my doubts and cling to my faith.


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