The Word Of God Within

Scripture: Hebrews 10 (Amplified Bible)

16This is the agreement (testament, covenant) that I will set up and conclude with them after those days, says the Lord: I will imprint My laws upon their hearts, and I will inscribe them on their minds (on their inmost thoughts and understanding),

Observation: The Word Of God goes beyond the pages of the Bible, The Word takes up residence in our hearts and minds, and can be communicated to others from within us.

Application: I know that this may be a touchy subject for some because of our belief that the Bible is the complete and inerrant Word of God.  It is not my intention here to debase the importance of the Bible or to reduce its value in any way.  I use the Bible in every sermon that I preach, and study the words of the Holy Scriptures every day as I write these journal entries. The Bible is very important to me. I feel its important for us to realize that the Bible is something that the Christian faith can not do without.

With those things said, I also think we need to realize that the Bible can not fully contain the Word of God.  I think that some portions of the modern Church have elevated the Bible to a point that it has almost become an object of worship.  We are not to worship a book or anything that can be put together by man.  I believe that the words of the scripture were inspired by God, but we can not get past the fact that the inspired instruments used to put those words on paper are still imperfect people who make mistakes and sometimes add their own thoughts and feelings to the words.

The Word of God is much more than what can be written on paper and contained within a leather cover.  This is a message I think that the author of Hebrews was trying to convey.  The traditions of the Jewish laws were not sufficient to bring mankind to a right standing with God, and the addition of the New Testament doesn’t make our current Bible sufficient in containing the whole of who God is either.  The Word of God goes beyond pages, and reaches down to the very soul of mankind.

The Word of God can be experienced in observations of nature, and in interactions with other people of God.  Some of the most meaningful messages I have ever received have come from conversations with other people of faith.  Those people who emanate God’s love, compassion and grace are sharing the Word of God from within themselves, the Word that is written on their hearts and in their minds.

I’m not saying that the Bible shouldn’t be used as a standard, or that it shouldn’t be turned to for inspiration or wisdom.  I just think that we should also listen to the Word of God that is around us, and the Word of God that is within us.  As you read the Bible, maybe you can notice how The Holy Spirit communicates to you through it, and then when you put it down and go out into the world and live your life, perhaps you can see that The Spirit is still speaking through many other instruments of divine creation.

Prayer: Holy Father,

I thank you for your Word.   I thank you for the Bible and for the inspired people who wrote the words that it contains.  I thank you for the people who you still use today to communicate your word and your love.  Please help me to notice when you are speaking to me through your people, or through other aspects of your creation.

Love Michael


One comment on “The Word Of God Within

  1. lisa says:

    have you ever watched life be born into this world or have you ever watched your seed burst into new life and bring forth the beauty that is within. this too is the Word of God speaking to us. watch the sunset sometime or watch the lightening streaking across the sky. who can deny the Word of God. you are so right Brother Mike. God is everywhere and He speaks to us through all of his wonderful creation, indeed. God Bless you all. love, lisa

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