The New Priesthood

Scripture: Hebrews 7:

15-19But the Melchizedek story provides a perfect analogy: Jesus, a priest like Melchizedek, not by genealogical descent but by the sheer force of resurrection life—he lives!—"priest forever in the royal order of Melchizedek." The former way of doing things, a system of commandments that never worked out the way it was supposed to, was set aside; the law brought nothing to maturity. Another way—Jesus!—a way that does work, that brings us right into the presence of God, is put in its place.

Observation:  Jesus changed things, He established a new way of relating to God, one that was not dependent upon ancestry or the old covenant.  Now we enjoy the age of grace and can call upon God himself through our only High Priest and King Jesus Christ who lives forever.

Application:  Melchizedek gets quite a bit of space and attention here in Hebrews and what is said about him can be a little confusing for us.  We talked about this recently in our Bible study and the question was asked, “Is Melchizedek Jesus?”  And I feel confident in saying that he was not Jesus, but there are similarities in the way the Old Testament describes Melchizedek Gen 14:18,19 and in the way that Jesus’ ministry is understood.

The author of Hebrews mentions that there is no record of the birth or death of Melchizedek.  This is similar to Christ because He overcame death, and is alive forever, Jesus is our High Priest forever because He has overcome death.  Melchizedek was surely a man who was born, lived a life and died, however we have no record of his birth and death.

Melchizedek was said not only to be a Priest of God, but also a King of Salem or a King of Peace.  Similarly Jesus is not only a Priest but also a King, as He is described in Rev 19:16

Melchizedek was not from the tribe of Levi, so his priesthood was not because of his ancestry but rather from a calling and commission from God.  Similarly Jesus’ claim to priesthood has nothing to do with ancestral lineage, because His line is from Judah, and the house of David.  Jesus is our High Priest because God called Him and appointed Him as such.

There are similarities between Jesus and Melchizedek, but what is alluded to in the physical realm through Melchizedek is attained in both the physical and spiritual realm by Jesus.  Although Melchizedek was a person like all of us, he pointed toward someone greater than he who would do for the world something that no mere mortal could ever accomplish.  Jesus changed things so drastically that the people of His time could not understand it or accept it.  His announcements that He was one with God was considered blasphemy and that led Him to the cross, which was His plan and purpose all along.  For it was on that old rugged cross that the final battle for the souls of mankind was fought and won by our God, our Savior, our High Priest and King Jesus Christ.

Prayer:  Father,

Thank you for sending Jesus to pay the price for my sins.  Please cleanse me in the blood that was shed for me and help me to walk in fellowship and trust with you forever.  I desire to be in service to you, and to glorify you in all that I do, please grant me the strength, ability and resolve to so.

Love Michael


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