Joyful Fear

Scripture: Psalm 86:

11: Train me, God, to walk straight;
then I’ll follow your true path.
Put me together, one heart and mind;
then, undivided, I’ll worship in joyful fear.

Observation: Trusting God and allowing Him to lead you brings you to an exhilarating place of fellowship, a worship in joyful fear.

Application: When I was a young boy, I remember my uncle and I walking out to a frozen pond on my grandfathers farm.  We wanted to have fun on the ice, but my uncle made me stand on the bank first while he made sure the ice was thick enough.  I watched him as he took a large tree limb that had broken off, and hammered the edge of the ice.  The pond was frozen at least four or five inches thick, I don’t think I’ve seen a pond frozen over that much since then.

He started walking on the ice, and told me to come behind him, but to only walk where he did, to put my feet only where he stepped.  Slowly we walked across the pond, my uncle was much larger than me and knew that if there were any thin spots, he would find them first.  I stayed behind him until he was satisfied that the ice would hold the weight of both of us.  Once he felt certain that we would be safe we began to slide and skate over the ice.

We didn’t have ice skates, but we could slide all around and we had so much fun.  All the while I remember there was a fear within me that the ice would break, but at the same time I knew that I was safe because my uncle was with me and even if something unexpected happened, I knew he would protect me.  It was a Joyful Fear.   Whenever I watch the movie “Bambi” and I see the scene on the frozen pond, I can’t help but to remember that day.

This scripture also reminds me of that time.  We follow God walking in the path that He determines for us, “Step only where I do,” and once we know that we are secure, we are able to worship and fellowship with God in a special way (we skate on the pond).  It is a place of joyful fear.

Prayer: Lord God,

Help me to follow you, and walk straight in the path you set before me.  Keep me safe from the things that might distract me from the joyful fear of true worship and fellowship that we enjoy.

Love Michael


2 comments on “Joyful Fear

  1. Tom Jehnzen says:

    Good stuff as usual..thx!

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