His Love Endures Forever

 Scripture: Psalm 136


1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.

His love endures forever.

2 Give thanks to the God of gods.

His love endures forever.

3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords:

His love endures forever.

4 to him who alone does great wonders,

His love endures forever.

5 who by his understanding made the heavens,

His love endures forever.

6 who spread out the earth upon the waters,

His love endures forever.

7 who made the great lights—

His love endures forever.

8 the sun to govern the day,

His love endures forever.

9 the moon and stars to govern the night;

His love endures forever.

Observation: The Lord does many great things, He governs the universe and rules all times and places, and even with all those glorious things that He does, His Love for YOU endures forever.

Application:   Think of it, The God of all creation, of the entire universe, The same God who made the earth the sun and all the planets and stars loves YOU with a steadfast unending, unconditional love that will never ever end.  He has known you from before you were born, He has set your life in order and been with you through every breath that you’ve ever taken.  He was there at the moment of your birth, and He will be there when you take your last breath and enter into eternity. 

We love our children very much and do our best to be there for them during the important moments of their lives, but we fall short and we can’t always be there.  My oldest son recently graduated from high school, and I missed it.  I wanted to be there but I found out late, and wasn’t able to break a previous commitment nor able at that time to make the six hour round trip.  He understood and I appreciated him doing that, but I still feel bad about it.  I love my son, but I’m not always able to be there for him.  I’m not always able to be the shoulder he may need in times of distress. 

But it’s not so for God, He is there with us through every moment, through every trial, tribulation, through every victory and celebration, there is not a moment that we are out of His sight, out of His reach, or beyond His love.  His Love Endures Forever!

Prayer:  Father God,

I thank you for the truth of your word and the fact that Your love Endures forever!  I thank you that you are closer to me than any person in this world could ever be.  Please forgive me for sometimes allowing my thoughts to slip away from you, and this fact that you are always with me.  Help me to live each moment in the knowledge that you are always by my side.

Love Michael


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