Jehovah Jireh – Our God Provides

 Scripture: 1 Chro 29;

14 "But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand. 15 We are aliens and strangers in your sight, as were all our forefathers. Our days on earth are like a shadow, without hope. 16 O LORD our God, as for all this abundance that we have provided for building you a temple for your Holy Name, it comes from your hand, and all of it belongs to you.”

Observation: God is the source from which all earthly blessings flow.

Application: There is no doubt that as a people, Americans have been facing some difficult financial times recently.  I understand how hard it is to feel generous and giving when there doesn’t seem to be enough to take care of ourselves.  I think there are important lessons for us to learn during these times and we can grow from them as people of God. 

One thing we all need to remember is that all the blessings we have received in this life come from God.  Not just the financial blessings, but also blessings of health, and happiness, of family and friends, of peace and joy, they all come from God, he is the source.  There is more to generosity than the amount of money we can drop into a collection plate, if we measure only in that way we are leaving out very important things.

There is no doubt that giving of our financial resources is one way that we are generous, but also the giving of ourselves must be considered.  If I am able to toss in more money than anyone else around me, but I do so in a prideful, or resentful way, I have given less than those who have given a small amount joyfully from their hearts.

Think about all that God has blessed you with, and give from the abundance of those blessings.  What is given by God, belongs to God, and all good things are given by him.  Let us therefore be generous in our benevolence toward one another and reach out with an open hand in love and compassion to those around us who are without.  By sharing with others a part of what we have received, whether it is material, financial, emotional or spiritual support, we give from what God has given us, and help them to feel his presence in their lives, as we have felt his presence in our own.

Prayer: Gracious God of Love,

I thank you for the multitude of blessings you have bestowed upon me, my family, our church and our nation.  Grant me father a generous and compassionate spirit that I may reach out to those in need with an uplifting hand and share in the abundance of your blessings and love.

Love Michael

Yield: I give up the number count, and look to the spirit of generosity.


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