When Turning a Cheek, Exposes a Face

Scripture: Psalm 55:

20 My companion attacks his friends;
       he violates his covenant.

21 His talk is smooth as butter,
       yet war is in his heart;
       his words are more soothing than oil,
       yet they are drawn swords.

Observation: Often the harshest attacks come from the most friendly of people.

Application: Sometimes we are surprised at how cunningly cruel someone can be.  Someone who has, by their actions and words convinced us that they are on our side may in fact be calculating the right time and place for their true feelings to be made known.  When the hidden agenda is illuminated, it is usually at the worst possible moment, when you are the most vulnerable to it and when it can do the most damage.

I’ve been reading about King David, and how when Absalom turned on him and showed his true colors, he took the hearts of the people in the northern parts of the nation and David was forced to flee for his life.  It was a calculated move, Absalom planned it for years, he knew when and where to strike out to make the biggest impact.  The story is a sad one, Absalom, the King’s own son whom he loved with all his heart betrayed his father, he pretended to be something he wasn’t in order to gain the position he needed to make his move.

What is even more sad for me personally, is how I can see these kind of things happening within our modern Church today.  We do this to each other, we calculate, we plan our attacks, we bide our time and wait until the right moment so that when we make our move it will do the most damage. 

Christians, we are to love one another.  We can’t even properly bring an offering before God if we have strife in our hearts against a brother or sister.  Matt. 5:23-24 We need to think about this, and reason in our hearts if we are operating out of true love, or if we are putting on a face that really is not our own, one that is not from the heart.

I’m not saying we should think about it in regard to how others are operating around us, I’m saying we should think about it from OUR OWN perspectives and how WE are dealing with our brothers and sisters.

  No, actually, more specifically, I’m saying I, – ME,- MICHAEL need to think about it from my own hearts perspective.  I don’t want to look out and point a finger, I want to look within and be cleansed in my heart. Because its not the other person, and it’s not the political people in the denomination, and it’s not the administration, but its ME OH GOD, I am the one in need of your love and forgiveness, I am in need of your mercy and grace.  Help me Father!!


Wow – I didn’t really think I was going in that direction when I started this journal entry, but that’s ok here we are – I guess the preacher needed to do some preaching at himself this morning.

Prayer: Heavenly Father,

Help me to keep myself true to my fellow Christians and to you.  Help me to reach out with my whole heart in love to your Children so that I may be the person you would have me to be, and so I may accomplish your will and purpose for my life.  I confess that I have not always let my true feelings show before my brothers and sisters, and ask for forgiveness as I seek to cleanse my heart and mind.  Help me to examine my true intentions and correct me father when I am out of step with your nature.

I love you God!


Yield: I surrender my pointing finger.


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