You are one of the dots…

Scripture: Matt. 22 31 But about the resurrection of the dead—have you not read what God said to you, 32 ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’ ? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”

Observation: Jesus described God by calling Him the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but that is only the first three in a long line of names.  He could have went through the entire lineage of Israel, all the way to himself, and then we could continue it on to us.  We could say it this way, God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…  (note the dot dot dot)  And your name is one of the dots!

Application: The Sadducees didn’t believe in Resurrection. (That’s why they were Sad U See!)  🙂  They made up a hypothetical question for Jesus about a wife and seven brothers who had all married her without bearing children.  The question was, who’s wife would she be in eternity.  Jesus said, (loose paraphrase) “that’s not a proper question, there is no marriage in heaven like there is here.”  But he answered the deeper question about the Resurrection without them even having to directly ask it.  The deeper issue was that they didn’t understand that there is life after this one that we see with our physical eyes. 

He said “have you not read what God said to you,  ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’ ? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.“” And what Jesus was saying is Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are not dead, they live on.  God is still their God because they are still alive.  Yes their earthly lives had been over for generation upon generation but the essence of who they are had not vanished when their physical bodies returned to the dust.  And so it is with us.  We are made in the image of God who is eternal.  We are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience.  One day that physical experience will be over, but we will live on.

I praise God today that He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He is the God of our ansestors, and He is the God of me and You!  I praise Him, that He is a God of the living, and that those who we have loved, and who have left this physical realm are as safe and secure in God now as they ever were.  They have not ceased to exist, and neither shall we.

Prayer: Dear God,

I remember those loved ones that have passed from this life who were so close to me.  I remember my great grandparents, I remember my aunt Phyllis, I remember my mentor and teacher Jack, I remember friends from school who’s lives seemed far too short.  I remember those who you have placed in my life for brief moments, and that are now watching over me from a more powerful point of view.  I remember them and thank you for the time I had with them.  Also I ask that you send comfort to any who read these words and remember those who were close to them, and help us precious Father to KNOW and to cling to the faith that they are with you today in Paradise.

Love Michael

Yield: I give up any notion that my, or anyone elses existence is temporary.


2 comments on “You are one of the dots…

  1. john pugh says:

    Praise the Lord!

    I have been boning up on the Royal Arch Degree, and
    this fits in so much with the praise and suffering of our ancestors.

    The Lord of the living, not the dead!


  2. revledbetter says:

    Thank you John,

    I’m looking forward to seeing that Degree again!


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