He could have called 10,000 Angels.

Scripture: Matt 18: 10“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.[a]

Observation:  God’s Angels are all around us, they protect, and minister to us, they are His messengers and His helpers.

Application:  If you’re around me long enough you eventually get to hear this story about my encounter with an Angel.  So my friends, I share it with you here today, maybe you’ve heard it before and if so, I beg your patience as I promise there will be more to this journal than just this retelling of the story. 

I don’t claim that my experience was of some spectacular vision of a heavenly choir, in fact it was quite ordinary.  It happened during those years of my running from the ministry.  I was a car salesman and was pretty well convinced at that moment that preaching was not for me.  A lady came up into the lot and I approached her and began talking with her.  I was talking about cars with her, trying to figure out which side of the lot to take her to when she stopped me in mid-sentence and asked.  “Are you a preacher?”  I told her “No” and that I had once done some preaching but that was several years ago and I wasn’t doing it anymore.  She looked at me and smiled and said, “You will be a preacher again someday.”    I asked her what she meant, and why she had said that and she said, “I just sence a spirit about you.” 

She didn’t vanish in a cloud of smoke, I didn’t turn around to find her suddenly gone, but our conversation and time together was done after that.  I’m sure we exchanged “goodbye, nice to meet you”  types of remarks to one another and she got back in the car which she came in and left.  I was supposed to always get basic information from people like this who I spoke to on the lot (name, phone number, address ect.) and when I didn’t I would always get in trouble from my boss.  I never got this ladies information, I never heard from her again, and I’m not sure why, but I didn’t get in trouble from my boss.

This was my angel experience, it is to me a very real message that was sent to me by God.  And that is often times exactly what angels are, they are messengers.  But they can also be much more than just messengers, they can go into battle for God, they can lift us up out of danger, and I believe they are assigned to us as constant ministers of God’s grace.  Although God’s Spirit is able to be with us always, His full and physical presence is, according to the scriptures, too much for man to handle and live.  So, I believe that God uses His angels to interact with us and minister to us on His behalf. 

I also think that we can call out in prayer for God to send angels of protection or assistance to our loved ones.  As Jesus was about to be arrested and taken down that long road to Golgotha, his disciples rose up to defend him and cut off one of the soldiers ears.  But Jesus said, (my paraphrase) “Put away your swords, I have many angels available to me whenever I call, this must be done so that the scriptures may be fulfilled.”  Matt 26:52-54  It wasn’t the soldiers in charge there that night, it wasn’t the religious leaders, it was Jesus.  He could have turned the tide at any moment, by calling on those angels, but it was His choice and His plan to go to the cross for us.  What a loving savior!

The ancient Jewish people were always especially kind to strangers who came their way, because they believed that at any time God might be testing them by sending an angel to visit.  The New Testament tells us in Heb. 13:2 to entertain strangers for this very reason.  I’m telling you today that just because you’ve never seen one of the Luke chapter two, Heavenly Host  kind of angels, that doesn’t mean you’ve never seen one at all, or that they are not around you even now.

Prayer:  Gracious God,

Thank you for sending your angels to watch over me and my loved ones.  Thank you for placing them at the critical crossroads and turning points of my journey to help steer me in the right ways.  I ask you now to send your angels out among all who read these words, that they would protect, and encourage, and speak your message to the hearts which You have prepared to hear it.  Help us God to take notice of your angels among us, and to recognize them as Your servants, and our blessings.

Love Michael

Yield:  I give up my worrying over what the future holds, and ask for strength to trust more in You Lord to lead me where you want me to be.


3 comments on “He could have called 10,000 Angels.

  1. http://sites.google.com/site/angelstarspeaks
    Thank-you, yes, for “God’s Angel’s, “HIS MESSENGERS”

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  3. ur story is very encouraging. and God is so amazing and all His heavenly creations. i’m so excited to see and be with thme someday 🙂

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