When you walk with God – it’s a Long Walk!

Scripture: 2 Sam. 3: 1 The war between the house of Saul and the house of David lasted a long time. David grew stronger and stronger, while the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.

Observation: We live in a Microwave world, but many times, God’s recipies  require a slow cooker.

Application: There is no doubt that God works miraculously fast at times.  I have seen people cured instantly from various physical, spiritual, and emotional difficulties through faithful prayer and His divine intervention.  And there are numerous illustrations of God’s power to immediately change people, situations, and the physical environment, as we look at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. 

   But there is also many illustrations of God changing a person, or having his purposes accomplished over vast amounts of time.  Millenia passed from the time of the fall in the garden, until the fulfillment of God’s plan to reconcile mankind through Jesus.  It took Noah a hundred years to build the ark.  Abraham was a hundred years old before Isacc was born.  And David had been anointed King long before Saul and his entourage were disempowered. 

Saul was dead, but some of his loyal followers and relatives were still in power in Israel.  David was growing in strength as a leader, and in influence even among the lands occupied by Sauls court. He was finally coming into season.  Still, it had been many years, and there were many struggles from the time when Samuel had annointed that little shephered boy until he became the King that God had promised he would be.

I believe that God had always seen me as a preacher, even from the time when I was a young boy.  It took a lot of years, and a lot of tears for me and God, before we reached the place where what He had always seen me as, became a reality.  It wasn’t that God couldn’t have just snapped his heavenly fingers and made it so immediately, I know He could have, but I think that there were things I had to go through, there were lessons I had to learn before I could assume the calling that had always been there.

What about you friend?  What is it that God has always seen you as?  Are you supposed to be a teacher, a preacher, an evangelist, a missionary, or maybe a choir leader?  There are more callings that God places on our hearts than I have time or the inclination to mention here, but I think we all have something God is molding us into, and preparing us to be.  I am willing to bet that YOU know deep down inside what God is dealing with you about.  You may not know how its going to happen, or what you’re supposed to do next, but I think that God deals with us all in due time, in the propper season.  Years may have passed from the first moment that you felt God urging you into a certain calling, whether it is a ministry you can do in your local Church or community, or even if its a full time vocational calling, I can tell you this – God hasn’t forgotten about it. 

I speak from experience here, God doesn’t give up on us!  Sometimes we give up on ourselves, but He never gives up on us.  And Halleluah, and Praise God because I can shout today that  HE  NEVER  LET  GO  OF  ME!  And I hope that you know that He has never, and WILL NEVER  let go of you!

Prayer: Heavenly Father,

   I know that your idea of time and mine are very different.  I see things in the realm of the finite, but you God, are infinite and are from everlasting, to everlasting.  Help me to be patient with myself, and with the unfolding of your purpose in my life so that I may remain steadfast in my obedience and desires to know and to follow your divine will.

Love Michael

Yield: I turn over my timeline, and stand on the promises of God as they unfold in due season.


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