I was sinking deep in sin…

Scripture: Matt 14:

    25 Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. 26 When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear.

    27 But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

    28 “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”

    29 “Come,” he said.

    Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

    31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

Observation: The Lord desires to bless us, but when our faith falters, our blessings sink beneath waves of worry.

Application:  A Baptist, a Methodist, and a Pentecostal preacher had gotten together one day to go fishing.  They had been out quite a while when the Baptist stood up and said, “Well, I need to go to the shore for a moment.”  He stepped out of the boat, walked across the water to the shore and in a few moments came back and got in the boat.  The Pentecostal preacher then said, “Yeah, I think I need to go ashore also.”  He stood up, walked across the water to the shore, and in a few moments came back and got in the boat.  So the Methodist preacher, being very impressed but unwilling to acknowledge it, decided that he to would show his faith.  He stood up and said “Ok fellows, my turn to go ashore.”  He stepped out of the boat and immediately sank.  He climbed back in, mustered up his faith, said a prayer, and tried again.  Stepping off the boat for the second time, he again immediately sank.  This upset him to no end.  And as he was splashing around in the water, crying out to God. The Baptist preacher leaned over to the Pentecostal preacher and asked, “Do you think we should show him where those stumps are that we’ve been stepping on?”

Faith – its the stuff every good Christian is made up of isn’t it.  We all have it,  but we all need more of it, and at times we struggle with it, we question it, we wrestle with it, we nurture it in ourselves and others and we pray and pray for God to respond to it.  It was not water that Peter and Jesus were walking on in our scripture – it was faith.  The scripture tells us that it is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for and the EVIDENCE of things not seen.  Heb. 11:1  And we also know that without it, we can not please God. Heb. 11:6  I once had a discussion with an Atheist and he finally said to me “Here is my problem with religion, no matter how much you talk about it, eventually it’s going to boil down to faith, and to me faith is not proof.”

We are surrounded by people who have no faith in anything.  They have lost their faith in family, country, church, and God because they have seen no evidence, and no substance from their faith.  We as Christians need to be able to point out those times in our lives when we have seen that evidence and substance.  Mark those times down when God really moves for you, remember it as a testimony of praise and use it, for it is through our testimony that we break the bonds of sin, and convince those who’s hearts have been hardened by the world. Reb. 12:11

The world around us can cause even the strong in faith to stumble.  Peter believed, he had his eyes on Jesus, but when the waves and winds scared him, he doubted.  We can learn from this, in that while we are facing our struggles, if we don’t take our eyes off God, He will continue to support us.  Never doubt that God desires to bless you, never doubt that He is in control even in the hard times, even when the storms arise, God is there and He knows what to do.  Put your trust in him while you’re on the mountain top, and keep your trust in him while you’re in the valley of the shadow.  God is on your side all the time, don’t doubt it.

Prayer: Father God,

Help me to always keep my eyes and heart set toward you.  Let my faith be strengthened in times of trouble that I can focus on the goal and not the distractions of the world that the enemy throws in my way.  I thank you Father for your great love, and great wisdom that you give us through the Word and through Your spirit.

Love Michael

Yield: I surrender my fears, and put my trust in God.


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