This land is your land – this land is my land…

Scripture Joshua 1 ;

 3Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.


We have to walk out the promises that God has blessed us with through faith in order to receive them.


I like the way the King James Version translates this particular verse in Joshua because of the words “shall tread upon,” and “have I given unto you.”  When we see “shall tread upon,” God is saying everywhere that you are about to walk – in other words Joshua hadn’t been there yet.  Joshua is standing on the desert side of the Jordan along with the Hebrew children and they are about to cross over into the promised land.  God says, “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon,”  (future tense)  “that have I given unto you”  Thats past tense “that have I given unto you.” God had already given the land to the Children of Israel, it belonged to them.

At that moment there were Cannanites living in the promised land, there were still battles to be fought, there were still struggles ahead, there were still going to be hills to climb, but the promise had already been made and the victory was already set in stone according to Gods word the land already belonged to Israel.

But if Joshua and Caleb and the Israelites had not marched into the land and taken possession of it, the blessing that God had provided for them would have never been realized.  Even though the promise had been made and the victory was assured, they still had to go in and claim the land and possess it. 

Be encouraged Christians, because God has promised you victory over this life, victory over sin, victory over death and a life abundantly blessed if you will with faith walk in the ways of God, and trust in His word as the rule and guide of your life.  The victory is won, though the battle is yet to be fought.  So without hesitation charge into the land of milk and honey that your God has promised you, and fear not the enemy who knows his defeat is upon him.


Father help me to study your word, to claim the promises that you have made for me within your word and to march boldly into the field of faith to claim victory in the promised land!

Love Michael


 It is not by my power or my might, but by HIS spirit!  The victories of my life are not my own but are promises made by God, and claimed by me.


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