Hey Creation! Listen up!

Scripture Mark 16:15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.


This is a command from Jesus to all who would call themselves his disciples.  We are all called to be evangelists.


As Jesus was about to be taken into heaven, after the work of the cross was completed and the resurrected Lord stood before his disciples his parting words to them were about spreading the good news of what God had done through Him to all of creation.

Many times I think Christians feel that it is the job of the preacher, or the lay leaders, or the outreach committees to evangelize the lost and as regular church members, our duty and obligation is to simply support and pray for those ministries.

But this is a ministry that Jesus spoke to his disciples, all those who were there that day, he didn’t specify any specific group of people, or designate a special ministry for the apostles only – this was a general command and our great commission to preach the gospel (the good news of Jesus) to all of creation.

If we take an honest look at how we live our lives, and how we speak forth the gospel to the world, how are we doing with this command?   I know that personally I need to step it up a few notches.  I lack enthusiasm for the lost – I encounter people every day who I know need Jesus but I pass them by without the least word of grace from the Lord.  I am guilty of not following this command to the best of my ability.  I therefor challenge myself and all who read this to think about it today as you are out in the world.  When you see someone who the Lord speaks to your heart about – how do you respond?   Are you afraid that this person (who you don’t even know anyway) will reject you?   Don’t worry – it is God’s work, and His son that they will reject, not you.  Be bold and carry out the great commission of our savior today!



  Guide my steps and lead me to those whose hearts you are preparing.  Grant me the boldness wisdom and the words to point them to you, through your Son Jesus Christ.

Love Michael


I give over my fear – and embrace the boldness of The Holy Spirit of God!


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