Pass the Mustard Please

Scripture Mark 4

 30Again he said, “What shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it? 31It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed you plant in the ground. 32Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds of the air can perch in its shade.”


God makes our tiny seeds, sprout into Mighty trees!


We are sometimes lucky enough to see at least a portion of the results of our efforts as we serve God.  Maybe we get to see a person we have been praying for saved,  healed, delivered, set free from a bondage ect..   But I am convinced that the bulk of what God is doing with the work we do for Him goes unrealized by us. 

Jesus said – all we need is a little bit of faith for God to create a great thing.  Let us then move forward in faith that God is going to work wonders among us as we willingly and lovingly, and generously serve one another and reach out to the lost.

Have a look at this GREAT story on Youtube about one mans mustard seeds.


Father I pray that you will give me the persistence and faith of the mustard seed that Jesus spoke of.  Help me to keep steadfast in the work you have set my hand to, help me to be ever more thankful and happy for the blessings you have showered upon me, and that you continue to rain down for me. 

Love Michael


I give up the feeling that I have to do it all, and yield to God as He completes the work that He leads me to.


3 comments on “Pass the Mustard Please

  1. Hiromi says:

    Dear Pastor Michael,
    I happened to visit your blog after I GOOGLED the sentence “Pass the mustard”. I would be very grateful if you could explain the meaning of “Pass the mastard” more for me. I’m studying the movie script “The Bucket List” now and this sentence is in the movie.

    Thanks in adcance.

    • Thanks for the comment Hiromi,

      I have seen the Bucket List movie but didn’t realize I had quoted it in my title. For me it simply means that with a little bit of faith God can do mighty things. If we just allow ourselves to trust God, he can take that little bit of trust that we have and make it into something awesome.

      I’m not sure where it fits into the movie I’ll have to go back and watch it again and take notice of the context.

      I hope this helps.

      God bless you!

  2. Hiromi says:

    Dear Pastor Michael,

    Thank you so much for your time.
    I’ve never thought I could get this quickest reply from you.

    Thanks to you, I understand it now.
    And I think that this meaning fits into that movie. Only it’s used ironically there, though.
    Because the guy(played by Jack Nicholson) said he resists all beliefs.
    But I assume that some part of him wishes he could have faith like his friend (Morgan Freeman). That’s why he keeps asking himself why he just can’t trust God.

    I will come back again to read your blog more.

    Thanks again.

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