Lord, What time is it?

Scripture Psalm 90

4 A thousand years in your sight
       are like a day that has just gone by,
       or like a watch in the night.


God’s time and our time are two different things.  God does not have to calculate days by the rotation of the earth for He is the God of the whole of creation!


Here is a favorite joke of mine. 

A man once asked God, “Lord, how long is a thousand years to you?”  And the Lord replied, “My child, they are as a second.”  And the man asked, “Lord how much is a million dollars to you?”  And the Lord replied, “My child, it is just as a penny.”  So the man asked, “Lord can I have a penny?”  And the Lord replied, “Yes my child…  In just a second.”

I know how conscious we are of the clock – we operate on the playing field of time, and we often expect our Heaveny Father to do the same.  “Where are you now Lord?”  “Lord how long must we cry out?”  “Father, why this…  Why NOW?”  These are some of the questions we ask which reflect out connection to the clock. 

God operates on a different level, on a different dimension, and in His own time.  We need to understand that God knows the exact moment to allow our circumstances to collide with our needs.  He knows where, when, why and how His will should be accomplished.  And rather than rushing ahead, or lagging behind, we need to keep time with God.  Sometimes that means waiting for His move and direction, and sometimes that means getting up, dusting ourselves off and getting to work.


Father God,

  Help me Lord to keep time with your direction for me.  Help me to not delay when I feel you urging me on, and help me to hold my place when it is my own will that motivates.  Lead me and guide me in the paths You would have me follow.  And I thank you and praise you!

Love Michael.


I give up my own timeline and submit to Gods.


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