Why kick against the thorns?

Scripture Acts 22:  (The Message)

4-5“I went after anyone connected with this ‘Way,’ went at them hammer and tongs, ready to kill for God. I rounded up men and women right and left and had them thrown in prison. You can ask the Chief Priest or anyone in the High Council to verify this; they all knew me well. Then I went off to our brothers in Damascus, armed with official documents authorizing me to hunt down the followers of Jesus there, arrest them, and bring them back to Jerusalem for sentencing.


If you’re getting ready to do some persecuting in the name of God, you may want to double check with Him first.


Saul thought that by killing and persecuting Christians, he was serving God’s interests.  And it wasn’t until the Lord spoke to him in a supernatural way that knocked him off his feet that he realized that he wasn’t serving God, he was only serving the religious establishment. 

We also need to be sure when we are pointing our fingers, or in more modern terms, hitting the forward button on that e-mail, and taking a stand for the Lord, that we are truly serving Him and not our own theological viewpoints or agendas. 

Name calling, mud slinging, and finger pointing are usually not what is needed to express the true message of God.  All that kind of thing does is set people at opposition with each other.  Our Jesus taught us to come together, not to be drive each other apart.

There are times, and there are issues that we MUST stand up to and be heard on, but when we do – we need to remember who we are, and what we are commanded to do.  “Love one another as I have loved you. 


Father help me to serve you in the same love and merciful manner in which you have saved me.

Love Michael


 I Yield the idea that I must destroy someone else in order to validate myself.


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