Rejoice in the Struggles

S.cripture – Acts 5: 41 The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.


O.bservation – they were worthy of suffering.


A.pplication – I am constantly battling within myself because of my faith.  I have struggled, I have prayed, I have cried, I have searched, and the more that I search, seek, and struggle, the more questions I have.  It seems that rather than finding more wisdom as I study, instead I find a greater lack thereof. 


I have never been flogged for my faith.  I don’t personally know anyone who has.  It may come back to that during our lives, but at this present time the suffering that we as Christians face is not a physical thing, but a spiritual and emotional suffering.  And to me, those can be just as difficult and just as scaring as physical sufferings.


But the apostles rejoiced because they had been counted worthy of suffering for Christ.  And I think that is an attitude that we should also adopt.  If the enemy is not afraid of you, then they have no need to attack you.  If you pose no threat, why would you incure any action from them?  And if you are already on the wrong side, then they need not torment you and try to weaken you. 

 However if you are fighting the good fight, running the good race, heading for the goal of Heaven, then the enemies of God have to do all they can to hinder your journey.  If you are facing strong spiritual battles, just know that its because you are well known to the enemy, and that you have been counted worthy of suffering for Christ.  

 Do not hold back, do not turn around, do not falter from your walk – for this is not an angry God trying to punish you, infact it is His enemies trying to hinder you.  Stand strong on the Promises of Christ your King – (as the song says) and through the eternal ages, let HIS praises ring!


P.rayer – Father God Almighty Jehovah when I am struggling with my faith – strengthen me and give me the courage and wisdom to stand in the face of the enemy proclaiming YOUR Glory! 


Y.ieldedness – I turn over my comfort zones to you God – when I struggle – I struggle for you!


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