I AM what I AM

S.  Psalm 88:

1 LORD, you are the God who saves me;  day and night I cry out to you.

6 You have put me in the lowest pit,
   in the darkest depths.

O. The author of Psalm 88 sees God in two ways. 

1. As savior   2. As punisher

In other words God is in charge of everything – whether its good or bad – God has control over all areas of life.  There is not one thing that happens which God is not aware of or active in. 

A.  So often we want to see life as a battleground for the great war between good and evil.  God is on one side of the field, and the Devil on the other.  When bad things are happening, the Devil has the ball, when good things are happening, God is scoring the goal.  But when we do that I think we fail to see just how powerful God is.  We limit God in so many ways with this concept.

If we really believe that God is all powerful, and all knowledgeable, and is everywhere at all times then that means that in this imaginary field in our mind, God is playing both teams.  And not only that – but God is the ball, He’s the field thats being played on, He’s the air that surrounds it, the spectators in the stands, the birds that are flying over.  There is NO PLACE that we can ever be that God is not.  

Maybe this is part of the greater concept that YHVH related to Moses on the mountain when he said “Tell them I AM has sent you.”  Its not just God saying I exist – its god saying I AM ALL – I AM THAT I AM – there is nothing that I AM not!

P.  Father God Almighty Jehovah – You are Holy!  You are All In ALL.  I praise you for your wholeness!  Please go before me today and every day and prepare my way so that I may follow you in a closer understanding of your Love and Grace.

Y.  I give over my ideas that I myself, my life, or my circumstances, or anyone or anything else in this world or any other is in any way separated from the great I AM.


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