All are alive to Him



Luke 20:34- 38 (The Message)


 34-38Jesus said, “Marriage is a major preoccupation here, but not there. Those who are included in the resurrection of the dead will no longer be concerned with marriage nor, of course, with death. They will have better things to think about, if you can believe it. All ecstasies and intimacies then will be with God. Even Moses exclaimed about resurrection at the burning bush, saying, ‘God: God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob!’ God isn’t the God of dead men, but of the living. To him all are alive.”


 He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…


We are one of the …s



 I use this scripture many times in funeral messages.  It is relevant for us because what Jesus was saying was this  –   Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are still alive – even though thier physical bodies had long since decayed and returned to dust, their essence, their spirit, their being was and IS still with God. 


The Bible also tells us that to be absent from the Body is to be at Home with the Lord.  


AND that the temple or house of The Holy Spirit of God is our hearts.  


So if we are at Home with the Lord after we leave this life, and the Spirit of the Lord resides within the hearts of those here in this life – then those who we love and have lost are still with us in our hearts.  Not in some superficial flimsy flamsy IMAG IN ARY way but in a real sence, they are here with us – and among us Just as the Father is also with us and among us.





I praise You Father that you are a God of the living and not the dead.  I thank you that you have created us as immortal beings.  You have offered us the gift of reconcilliation from our fallen sinful state through the sacrifice of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.  Help us to spread this Gospel of Love and Peace to the world, and affirm the message that death need not be feared when Your Spirit is within our hearts!


I yield my sence of loss – for none are outside of the influence of God’s Power – He knows where and what we all are.


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